Finalists in Government, Agriculture and Education

M-Farm by M-Farm Limited –  A market transparency tool for farmers. Kenyan farmers simply SMS the number 3535 to get information pertaining to the retail price of their products, to buy their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favorable prices, and to find buyers for their produce.
Mobile Crop Disease Surveillance by Makerere University Students in Uganda – A highly automated smartphone-based survey system for crop disease, which uses camera images to diagnose viral damage and puts survey information online in real time.Contact:
Campus 101 by Metro-Mobile – A mobile application that gives students a detailed summary of their university’s e-learning systems, up to date information about school’s events, and access to their Higher Education Loan Board (HELB) statuses. Contact: SchoolSMS Premium by Tusqee Systems – SchoolSMS Premium is an Interactive Mobile Messaging System for schools. It allows parents to get exam results of their kids, enquire about fees balances and get fees statement quotes from the school via use of simple SMS messages.Contact:
Gahunda by HeHe Limited in Rwanda – An SMS based mobile application for appointment scheduling aimed at improving public service delivery. It allows for the public service providers to efficiently schedule appointments and meetings with clients and colleagues. The application also assists to rate quality of public services as well as carry out surveys to get public opinion on service delivery. Contact: